How to and FAQ


  • If you lease your ARDOR to the pool, you are just leasing your forging power. The actual ARDOR stays in your wallet. The pool cannot transfer or spend your ARDOR.
  • Do not send your ARDOR to the pool, but only lease your forging power!
  • If you spend your ARDOR, it will immediately reduce your share of the pool because you own less ARDOR.
  • If you already take part in the pool and receive ARDOR, these new ARDOR will count too. However, the new ARDOR will only be taken into account after 1,440 blocks.


  • The pool does not have any fees!
  • Special offer: Pool pays the 1 ARDOR pay out transactions cost, until ARDOR Blockchain reaches block height of 1,250,000
  • If you lease your ARDOR to the pool, 0.1 ARDOR transaction costs must be paid!


  • Your earnings are paidout automatically, if you have earned more than 10 ARDOR.


  1. If your ARDOR-Client is running on your computer, select the ARDOR-Chain and click on "More info" in the left upper tile (the tile showing your current account balance).
  2. Click on "Account leasing" in the appearing window at the top.
  3. Enter the address of the pool as recipient: ARDOR-MGY9-EEJW-T6NX-5PZDA
  4. Period: This is how many blocks long you lend your forging power to the pool. It is best to enter the maximum value of 65,535.
  5. For fee it is best to enter 0.1. Every action on the ARDOR platform costs a fee. Lending ARDOR costs at least 0.1 ARDOR.
  6. Then enter your passphrase and click "Lease balance".
  7. After 1 440 blocks your forging power is automatically added to the pool and you get a share of the pool earnings.